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All releases for SHA1 Collision Detection

This software is open source. You can obtain the latest source code from the SHA1 Collision Detection GitHub repository or browse below for the source code associated with a specific release. If you make any changes which you feel improves this application, please let us know via our Contact Page.

Stable version released on 9/11/2008 (Recommended)
Files available with this release: 1
  • Minor performance changes.

Version released on 4/16/2008
  • Minor performance tweaks & typo corrections.

  • 1) The /Priority switch now sets the process and thread priority to NORMAL.

    2) If you specify the thread count to be equal to the number of processors (without regard to logical / physical CPUs), the process will set each of the worker threads to a separate ideal processor.
    Note: The process will NOT set the threads CPU affinity, it only sets the CPU "Ideal Process" which acts as a hint to the internal windows thread scheduler.

    3) The process now employs the use of a "wait event" to monitor thread completion as opposed to the polling method which was used in the past versions.

    4) Corrected several "typos".
  • Fixed under/over flow issue.

  • Resolved two issues which would cause the process to run indefinitely:

    1) Converted all character generation functions to use unsigned chars.
    2) You can now only generate strings with characters between 0 and 254 (this version ommits ascii character 255).

Version released on 2/8/2008
  • Version is a complete rewrite from previous versions with many internal changes.
  • Rewrote the string generator to be completely thread safe. Also fixed issue where not all combinations were being generated due to a bug in the load distribution scheduler.
  • Added new command line parameters.
  • Added new command line parameters. These new parameters give you full control over generation functionality.

    /Hash: 40 character SHA1 hash value.

    /Start: Optional - The starting length of the collision check.

    /Len: The ending length of the collision check.

    /Min: The starting ASCII character of the character range to use in generation.

    /Max: The ending ASCII character of the character range to use in generation.

    /Priority: Runs the application at normal priority, Default is low.

  • Included EULA in distribution.
  • Included the NetworkDLS End License Agreement (EULA) in this distribution.
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