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All releases for IP Traffic Spy

This software is open source. You can obtain the latest source code from the IP Traffic Spy GitHub repository or browse below for the source code associated with a specific release. If you make any changes which you feel improves this application, please let us know via our Contact Page.

Stable version released on 4/13/2018 (Recommended)
Files available with this release: 4
  • Fixed issue with not being able to deselect "Other Protocols".
  • Added host name columns with asynchronous resolver threads.
  • First build on GitHub!

Stable version released on 7/24/2017
Files available with this release: 2
  • Added identification of 10 protocols: in addition to TCP and UDP we added ICMP, IGMP, GGP, ST, CBT, EGP, IGP, PUP, IDP and RDP.
  • Added filtering on protocol type.
  • Added filtering on inbound, outbound and broadcast packets.
  • Fixed issue with the [change connection] menu click sometimes taking a long time to complete.

Stable version released on 1/16/2017
Files available with this release: 2
  • Resolved major bug which could cause crash when viewing grid details.
  • Added context menu options for filtering, selecting and copying results
  • Resolved minor TCP/IP compatibility issues.
  • Added manifest options for UAC administrator escalation.
  • Fixed packet viewer resize code.
  • Added text-to-clipboard context menu item.
  • Added word-wrap to text viewer.

Stable version released on 9/11/2013
Files available with this release: 2
  • Implemented conditional parsing for UPD packets.
  • Implemented multiple views for data (Raw, Text and HEX).
  • Removed skipping of TCP packet header for other protocols.
  • Added check box to optionally skip the IP TCP/UDP packet header.

Stable version released on 11/2/2010
Files available with this release: 2
  • Resolved critical stability issue in 64-bit version.
  • Suppressed key-press beeping.

Stable version released on 11/1/2010
  • Introduced 64-bit version of the application.
  • Added support for multi-homed computers.
  • Fixed long standing issue with inability to bind.

Beta version released on 9/9/2007
Files available with this release: 1
  • Changed small misspelling / misnaming.
  • Both the Include & Exclude filter dialogs displayed "Exclude" as their frame title.
  • Fixed bug with allowing blank ports to the filters.
  • The filter ports are now converted to a numeric value. If the numeric value is equal to or smaller than 0, it is not added to the filters.
  • Fixed TAB order within the filter dialogs.
  • The tabbing from control to control use to end when you reached a List View control. Now the order has been corrected and the tabbing is complete throughout.
  • Reworking the Filter Logic. Please comment!
  • We are considering changing the “Include Filter” logic to only include an encountered packet if its properties meet at least one of each of the criteria you have put into place.

    If you had a “Include Filter” setup to include destination port 80, and the IP address then the packet would only be shown if it originated from ad was headed for your local port 80.
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